We can suggest several "experiences" to make the most of your stay. Explore the most popular ones below or let us know what else you're looking for and we can help put together a custom experience. Please note that the only costs associated with these activities are those set by the people providing the service (we do not charge for our assistance).

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Wine & Olive Oil Tasting

Southern Tuscany and Umbria are well known for quality wine and olive oil. We can arrange a visit to large or small, family-owned wineries for a firsthand look at what goes into making these world-class wines. Or indulge in an elaborate olive oil tasting to stimulate your senses and whet your appetite.


Olive Picking & Pressing

We own a small olive orchard five miles from Torre Alfina, overlooking the Benano Valley and the iconic Etruscan hill town of Orvieto, and work with local farmers to harvest and press the olives at a nearby artisanal olive mill.

[Late October to early December]


Italian Cooking

Our location at the crossroads of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio means a unique cuisine that draws from the best of all three zones. We can arrange local meals and any type of cooking class – at the villa, a winery, a castle, or in a professional kitchen setting with certified chefs.


Cheese Making

Torre Alfina is in the heart of Italy’s sheep country. Several neighbors tend sheep and produce artisanal cheeses (ricotta, pecorino, caciotta). Get a firsthand view into the cheese-making process and try your hand at making fresh ricotta.

[November to April]


Sun, Sand & Spa

Torre Alfina is an easy drive from several natural hot springs, the popular Mediterranean beaches of southern Tuscany, and Lake Bolsena, Italy’s largest volcanic crater lake. We can arrange a trip to any of these magical places with an option to add a local meal or a little shopping.


Sausage & Salami Making

A local partner of ours will host a 1- or 2-day hands-on course with a Master Butcher on the artisanal preparation of pork products. This experience is truly unique and includes the opportunity to taste the finished products.