Introduction to Goat Cheese Making

The Experience

Up close and personal is the best way to describe this unique farm experience. It’s the shortest farm-to-table cheeseboard you might ever sample, and one you will likely never forget!

Visit with Emanuele and Alessandra on their sustainable goat farm just 25 minutes from the villa. Meet and pet the happy stars of the operation (70 goats), learn how to milk them and what goes into producing over 25 types of mouth-watering cheeses.

If you still want more: Under Emanuele’s expert direction, you can roll up your sleeves, put on the hygienic gowns and get your (clean!) hands into the herds and why’s and curds and wheys of artisanal goat cheese magic. At the end of the day, Allessandra will prepare a table of cheeses and yogurt, paired with wines from two local organic wineries.


  • Full Day (7-8 Hours)

  • Minimum 4 people, maximum 8

  • Cost: 100 Euros/Person

  • Also available as a farm visit with cheese and wine tasting only

  • Goat cheese production may not be suitable for children under 10

Introduction to Buffalo Cheese Making

The Experience

25 minutes from the villa – on the way to the Mediterranean beaches - is the rich green valley of the Arcione River surrounded by the Cimini and Volsini mountains. It is a typical Italian scene but for a herd of 300 Asian buffalos that graze peacefully just outside the famous wine town of Montefiascone.  From this herd of buffalo comes some of the most authentic buffalo milk cheeses outside of Campagna.  

Azienda Caseificio (cheesery) Luisa is not limited to producing just the classic Italian delicacy of buffalo mozzarella - definitely the most famous product - but rather offers a wide variety of quality buffalo milk products, all of which are made on the premises from milk provided by their own herd fed on their own pasturage. It doesn’t get more ‘kilometer zero’ (farm to table) than this!

In addition to the prized burrata and mozzarella in all shapes and sizes, this cheesery specializes in other, typical types of ‘string’ cheeses and buffalo milk products like scamorzas and provolos (fresh, smoked and withered,) ricotta (fresh or aged,) primo sale, stracchino and yogurt.

Visit the buffalos, see the calves, tour the milking room and then watch how these wonderful cheeses are crafted.If you’ve never seen ‘string cheese’ production up close, you are in for a visual treat! It will remind you of pullying taffy!


  • Luisa – for whom the Cheesery was named at birth, will lead tours of five people or more

  • One-day advance notice is preferred

  • English translation is available at an additional cost of 50 euros per group

  • Curds are made in the mornings, the wonderful finished fresh cheeses are elaborated in the afternoons.  Tastings are a must, and come at a very reasonable cost, ie 10 euros per head for five cheeses, 15 euros if paired with Montefiascone’s famous Est!Est!!Est!!! wine.

  • "Luisa" Dairy Factory, Via Paternocchio, Montefiascone (VT), tel. 0761.820805

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