Artisanal Sausage Making

Italy has many important customs and food traditions. The significance of wine and olive oil in Italian cuisine is known worldwide, but equally important is the central role of artisanal pork products. Whether from the woods (cinghiale or wild boar) or the farm, pork has held pride of place on Italian tables, both royal and peasant, since Etruscan times. 

It has been said that it's better not to see how laws and sausages are made. But, if you are a curious epicurean or just like to know how things work, this is a truly unique experience. We work with a traditional norciaio (master butcher) in a castle setting to recreate a rapidly disappearing custom: the annual preparation and curing of the sausages, salami and prosciutto that sustain many rural Italian households throughout the year. Participants will observe how traditional pork speciality products are prepared and preserved, and will learn how to use them in cooking traditional dishes. By the end of the week, our guests will feel extra confident navigating the shelves and aisles of any Italian norcineria

The typical time of year for this artisanal activity is after the grape and olive harvests are complete and the weather is favorable. The traditional preparation of these products takes advantage of a constant wood fire, smoke and consistent cool, dry weather for proper drying and conservation. We will only be offering this special activity in November and interested guests are advised to book months in advance.

If you'll be traveling to see us at a different time of the year and would like to take a 3-hour demo class on how to make sausage and salami, we offer this year-round – please inquire about the details.

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