We can suggest some activities to make the most of your stay. Explore the most popular ones below or let us know what else you're looking for and we can help put together a custom experience. Please note that the only costs associated with these activities are those set by the people providing the service (we do not charge for our assistance).

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Winery Tours & Tasting

Southern Tuscany and Umbria are known for some of the world’s best red and white wines. We can arrange a visit to large or small, family-owned wineries where you will tour the cantina, learn about wine-making and taste some exceptional wines. Purchase bottles and cases direct from the estate to carry and/or ship home.

olive picking

Olive Picking & Pressing

We own a small olive orchard overlooking the Benano Valley and the iconic Etruscan hill town of Orvieto. If your timing is right you can help with the picking and watch the oil being pressed at the local ‘mulino’. There is ample opportunity to witness the process as farmers arrive with their crates of newly-picked olives and leave with full tins of freshly-pressed liquid gold. Of course, the best part is the tasting!

[Late October to early December]

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Cooking Classes

Our location at the crossroads of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio boasts a unique cuisine that draws the best of all three zones. We can arrange ultra-local meals and any type of cooking class – at the villa, a winery, a castle, or in a professional kitchen environment with a certified chef. Throw on an apron and make an authentic Italian meal from scratch.

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Cheese Making & Tasting

Torre Alfina is in the heart of Italy’s sheep country and produces some of the finest pecorino around. The area also boasts outstanding buffalo mozzarella and an extraordinary family-run goat cheese operation. Meet the farmers and get a firsthand look at the highly specialized process of artisanal cheese making. Enjoy onsite tastings and purchase your favorites to take home.

[November to April]


Truffle Hunting

Follow Diana, the four-legged truffle guide, in search of buried treasure. Lace up your hiking boots, grab a walking stick and enjoy a half-day out in nature learning the secrets of the forest and the thrill of discovery. This unique experience can be combined with a same day or next day cooking class to taste the truffles at their freshest.

meat in case

Sausage & Salami Making

Cured meat products are an essential part of the traditional Italian pantry and sustain a family throughout the year. Join a master butcher to learn the artisanal preparation of a variety of meat (mostly pork and wild boar) products. This unique experience includes a tasting and the opportunity to purchase your favorites to take back to the villa to enjoy later.